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"To fortify your emotional toughness so that you never abandon your true self while showing up everyday with the emotional fitness of a gladiator."

Marco Alfama

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I’m a certified life coach and founded ForgetNormal to offer specialised coaching in relationships, authentic masculinity, health wellness and careers. Wonders are achieved when we have an objective viewpoint and that’s what our team can be for you. Let us deal with the complexities and offer you a simple plan.

Our coaching process will empower you and give you the tools you need to improve every facet of your life. 

Our techniques are based on concepts that work and produce results.

We don’t just want to you to walk away feeling good about yourself. When we are done, you will be equipped with tools (yes, I love tools because I can’t shake my engineering background). Tools, independent of the situation that you can use to fix or build something up that will stand every test out there.

If you want to grow and stop living a life of quiet desperation, then get in touch. It’s going to be a wild ride!




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