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Marco is a certified life coach and specialises in relationships and authentic masculinity.  


While a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering established the foundation of his career, Marco has found his purpose in coaching.


“I offer a unique set of skills to my clients. 
I have the ability to be logical and pragmatic while also paying attention to the heart of the matter.


“I’m a big picture man assisting clients become big personal successes,” shares Marco.

Jeanine has an Honors degree in Psychology and a  Masters Certification in Life Coaching.


She is passionate about helping people process negative emotions. This includes the provision of practical, effective coping mechanisms and tools to help you embrace your true perfection.


“I have been trained under a Clinical Psychologist specializing in alternative psychotherapeutic interventions and have more than 7 years of therapeutic experience,” shares Jeanine.

Bobo is a Counselling Psychologist, registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

“I provide counselling and psychotherapy to individuals dealing with life challenges, particularly those with developmental and psychological problems and/or psychopathology,” says Bobo.

Aside from having attained 3 degrees, Bobo has worked at a radio station as a researcher and news reader and served as an assistant coach to the North-West Wheelchair Basketball team.

A professional nurse with a knack for entrepreneurship, Yvette is passionate about helping people believe in themselves and achieve their dreams.


“I'm living my dream. Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? Absolutely.  Life is too short to not do what you truly want,” shares Yvette.


 As a business coach qualified through SA Business coaches, Yvette’s coaching focusses on you, your business and your relationships. She is passionate about helping start-ups and small business owners to build and scale their businesses.

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